How to change printer Emulation
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How can I set my SLV-DAT-PTR to Epson Emulation? (This is done at Brady before shipment to the distributor or customer, but will need to be done again if the printer is reset to factory defaults. If your printer is only printing non-alphanumeric characters, like || > @ # $ ^ *, then it is in IBM mode and needs to be changed to Epson Emulation).

While the SLV-DAT printer is labeled Lexmark 2390 or Lexmark 2490, it has been modified specifically for Brady and works best when used with an Epson LQ 850 printer driver and not a Lexmark driver.
To Change the SLV-DAT Printer's Emulation from IBM to EPSON:

1.) Get 2 or 3 sheets of regular copy paper and change the Paper Type lever (front right) from Tractor Feed to Paper

2.) Note what your current thickness setting is (1-7 slide bar on top left) and change it to 1

3.) Load a piece of regular paper and follow the appropriate instructions below.

As you press the required buttons on the printer, the printer will print the menu choices you are making. If the paper is fed all the way through, just turn the sheet over and reload it or load another sheet.
On your specific printer model, press the following buttons:
If you have the Lexmark 2390
If you have the Lexmark 2490
1. Hold down ALT and press Setup
2. Press Pitch
3. Press ALT
4. Press Font
5. Press Pitch
6. Press Macro
7 Press Micro Down Arrow
8. Press Font
9. Press Pitch
10. Press Start / Stop
11. Press Start / Stop
12. Press Start / Stop
1. Press Setup
2. Press Macro
3. Press Micro Up Arrow
4. Press Line Feed
5. Press Macro
6. Press Pitch
7 Press Setup
8. Press Line Feed
9. Press Macro
10. Press Set TOF
11. Press Set TOF
12. Press Set TOF
4.) Take out the sheet paper, and change the Paper Type lever (front right) from Paper to Tractor Feed

5.) Change your thickness lever to the setting appropriate for your material
Now your printer is in the Epson Emulation mode and ready to print.

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